A message from Rich Whitney


We keep hearing from political leaders and pundits that Illinois is “broke.” For years, our state government has made repeated and devastating cuts to education, social services and state employment. They’ve played deadbeat debtor with nonprofits and businesses that provide vital state services. They’ve raised income taxes “temporarily”. They’ve papered everything over with accounting gimmicks. And still they say we’re broke.

None of this is necessary. Illinois is a wealthy state, yet we place the overwhelming proportion of the tax burden on those with the least ability to pay. Our leaders say they have no choice but to continue slashing education and social service budgets for the very taxpayers who need help the most. For years, they shorted state retirement funds, and created the pension crisis. Their solution now? Palm that problem off on current and future retirees.


  • We can create a fair tax system with lower rates for people with lower incomes and higher rates for higher incomes. Illinois is one of only seven states that has a one-size-fits-all flat income tax rate for poor and rich alike. The federal government and many states “stair-step” their tax rates. We should do the same.
  • We can adopt a transaction tax in our financial markets. Just 1/100 of one percent on the trading of futures, credit default swaps, derivatives, and other financial instruments – a mere $1 tax on a $10,000 transaction – could raise significant revenue for Illinois. Such taxes exist in over 30 countries.
  • We can create an Illinois Public Bank. This would allow us to invest our state tax revenues right here in Illinois – and not export them to Wall Street. (North Dakota has had a highly successful public bank for many years.)

As you can see, the problem is not a lack of good common-sense solutions. The problem is a complete and utter lack of political leadership by Democrats and Republicans alike. In 2014, you can doing something about it. You can bring responsible government to Illinois by voting for the Green Party Slate:


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Call for Candidates

A message from Rich Whitney to call for candidates.

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Climate Extremes; A New Think

This video is about 12 minutes long. At the end of it you will think again but no matter what you think the fact that the earth is polluted and people are suffering is still a reality. WCGP is the mechanism by which candidates for public office may be elected to exhibit leadership based on the 10 key values of the Green Party.

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You can’t frack your way out of a budget crisis

Quinn’s address to the assembly on the budget included plenty of blame, pretty rhetoric, and unimaginative solutions – among some solutions that could be considered. It also revealed the same tired tactics that insure Illinois will keep swirling down the drain.

ILGP press release

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Legalize Chickens in Joliet?

There’s a group of citizens in Joliet who are trying to get laws changed to make it legal to have backyard hens in Joliet. If you know Joliet it would seem that it’s only the predominately pink side of town that has issues with keeping backyard hens.

You can contact them through their website at if you want to help.

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Occupy Wall Street

OWS history thus far by Pham Binh

This article is long. There is valuable information.

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wcgp press release


Gini Lester
Will County Green Party

The Will County Green Party (WCGP) stands in full support of the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) movement.

The Will County Green Party lends its voice to those who are calling for the criminal prosecution of those institutions and individuals who are responsible for the fraud that has created the current and impending economic poverty of the 99%;
WCGP believes in economic justice and calls for banking law reform; Restructuring of the 20 largest banks in the U.S. and initiatives for creating more community banks and credit unions. Will County Green Party also supports creation of an Illinois state bank.
We condemn aggressive and brutal policing tactics and call on the police to cease provoking Occupy participants. Police are obligated to respect the First Amendment rights of U.S. citizens and allow us freedom of assembly without provocation and violence.
The OWS movement provides opportunity for thousands of people with a shared awareness to come together with emphasis that change is imperative to reflect the true values of the American public; People before profit.

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Healthcare for All Illinoisians

The November 5th forum held in Will County about HB311 the IL single payer healthcare bill was well attended and quite revealing. The majority of the people there were in favor of it. What is revealed is that people in attendance want to help their neighbor. This is sharp contrast to the “let them die” group that had received media attention. If there was anyone of that ilk at this forum they didn’t say a word.

Link —> synopsis of the forum.

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The global revolution on livestream OWS

Occupy Wall Street

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Monthly Conference Call

The Will County Green Party will hold its monthly conference call at 9 p.m. on Tuesday, October 11, 2011. Dial 712-432-0600 follow the prompts. Code 351470#

Call Gini Lester if you have questions at (815) 714-9811.

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